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We offer a wide range of private and confidential investigation Services for Corporate and individuals for right and effective decision making. Some of such services are listed below:-
Corporate Competitive Analysis & Intelligence.
Many factors need to be considered before you form business associations or consider mergers and acquisitions with other companies. We offer a wide range of Corporate Investigation services to our corporate clients relating to various aspects of their operations. From investigation of illegal activity by employees in the workplace to sourcing information about competitors, & providing security cover for employees
Missing Persons /Frauds / Thefts.
When others fail, do give us an opportunity to exploit the most bleak chances of success in such matters. Our sincere and honest efforts towards achieving success in such matters would certainly put you in a comfortable state to announce openly that “You did your best”.
Covert Operations Litigation support.
It’s a methodology which can provide real time information to you apart from in-depth information / knowledge being sought upon. We at SAI, have sufficient expertise, training and know how to put up such operations effectively.
Extra Marital Affairs / Adultery or Spouse Fidelity.
Infidelity, Adultery, Cheating, being Unfaithful, having an Affair or whatever, is one of the most painful things that happen in a relationship. Relationships and partnerships are based on trust and love. The fear and the anger that you are living with a spouse engaging in infidelity, drain your energy and frozen your spirit for life. But how can you tell if your husband or wife is having an adulterous affair? There are many signs of a cheating spouse, however none are conclusive:
  • He/She uses a low voice/whisper or prefers privacy while attending a call.
  • He/She often keeps the cell phone off or on vibrate.
  • He/She begins to delete all incoming/outgoing call details from the cell.
  • If you attend his/her calls, the caller hangs up when he/she hears your voice.
  • Not returning calls in a reasonable time.
  • Checking sms privately.
  • He/she has a definite change in attitude towards everyone in the home.
  • Spending unusual amounts of time away from home.
  • Wanting to know your schedule and where you will go.
  • Showing a change in the frequency (more/less) of sex.
  • Having unusual smells (cologne, perfume) on clothes.
  • Seeming lost in thought more often.
  • Getting defensive or angry over questions about activities.
  • Developing a moody attitude.
  • Suddenly becoming happy or angry for no reason.
  • Neglecting you and the home.
  • Changes in personal appearance.
  • Negative projections behaviour - accusing you of an affair SEE HAWKS Detective will provide you a free and confidential phone or in-person consultation with absolutely no pressure to take our services. We intensively and extensively investigate the points of suspicion helping you attain the truth, you need to make important decisions in your life. We do it with absolute confidentiality. Your safety, security, and secrecy is our biggest concern. The items to which you can expect us to have access to for an Unfaithful, Cheating Mate or Adultery Investigation are :
  • Surveillance
  • Photos/Videos of unknown Subjects meeting him/her
  • Computer Usage
  • Internet Usage
  • Email Tracing
  • Identity Verification
  • Semen Testing
  • Covert Pregnancy Testing
    Assets Verifications.
    With our methodical approach to such verifications along with necessary know how & expertise, we are proud to commit that we can unearth visible as well as invisible assets.
    Pre & Post Employment Verifications.
    Do you know enough about the person you are hiring? SEE HAWKS can answer the questions your prospect may be afraid to tell you. Avoid making an uninformed decision. Let SEE HAWKS check for the authenticity.
    Also at the same time, the moment you feel your market share going down or confidential information pouring out, its time to have the suspect employees checked out. We at SEE HAWKS have a separate cell to take on such tasks effectively. As a head of an organization, you will never repent this exercise which will put you in a confident position to employ or part with an employee.
    Pre - Matrimonial Investigations.
    Suspicion alone can bring about havoc in your married life. Better have the things checked out before taking a suitable decision in this respect. We at SAI also provide information for litigation support in divorce, alimony, child custody etc. cases.
    Bugging and De-bugging
    Our professional trained technicians conduct thorough searches for electronic listening devices that may be clandestinely placed in your home, office, vehicle, or on your telephone system. We utilize the latest electronic detection devices to identify active bugs, and physical searches to find inactive, remotely controlled devices. We are able to provide advice and training to help you defeat attempts to use offsite listening devices.
    Corporate services Pre Matrimonial Investigation Pre-employment Divorce
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